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By Neil Jeans

On the 8th March AUSTRAC published a report entitled “Insights from compliance assessments – good business practices and areas for improvement” which analyses the compliance reports made by reporting entities to AUSTRAC.  The report identified five areas where, in AUSTRAC’s view, reporting entities can improve AML/CTF complia...

By the GRC Professional

Wednesday 22 March 2017

Cyber-crime is not new but is becoming more prevalent. There is and will always be those who try to access your sensitive data; thus, moving beyond the ‘set and forget’ approach is now vital in this risk and compliance area.

Jamie Rubbi-Clarke, Associate Director of Control Risks, addressed the importance of cyber security and looked at cybe...

By the GRC Professional

The GRC Professional speaks to Niall Coburn Regulatory Intelligence Expert for Asia-Pacific, Thomson Reuters about the changes in regulation and the risk landscape in 2017. 

What has changed since the media storm of the Panama Papers last year?
Since 2016, the UK, US, Hong Kong, European and Australian Governments have implemented variou...

By the GRC Professional

ASIC Media Release

ASIC has today released the findings of its review of how Australia's largest financial advice firms have dealt with past poor advice and non-compliant advisers, including how these firms have dealt with affected customers.

The review—which forms part of ASIC’s broader Wealth Management Project—was focussed on the condu...

By the GRC Professional

So who is Nick Giurietto?
I am Chief Executive Officer of ADCCA, the Australian Digital Currency and Commerce Association. We are the Australian industry body for businesses investing in blockchain solutions, and exist to promote the responsible adoption of blockchain technology.


How did you get into digital currencies?
A friend gave me...

By the GRC Professional

ACCC Media Release

15 March 2017

Fast-moving disruptive technologies and anti-competitive responses to those technologies by incumbent businesses are some of the key challenges facing consumer regulators, said Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Chairman Rod Sims.

Addressing the Nation...

By the GRC Professional

Tuesday 14 March 2017

Conflicts of Interest (COI) is a major issue, whether is features prominently in the media or not. At the recent GRCI Emerging Professionals Event, Sector Seven’s Deborah Latimer provided some fundamental solutions and potential tips on how COI in organisations can be tackled by compliance professionals.

Latimer told attendees that COI was now...

By the GRC Professional

Binu Paul, founder Fintech start up in News Zealand, SavvyKiwi,  talks to the GRC Professional about about the robo-advice and the impact 

What is robo-advice? What is commonly misunderstood about robo-advice?
Any service that utilises technology to deliver some form of financial advice may be termed ‘robo-advice’.
Unfortunately, it's...

By the GRC Professional

by Naomi Burley

Recently, the GRCI Board met to undertake its annual strategic planning day. One of the key questions on this day always centres around who our members are and what they need from us.
Planning for an organisation like the GRCI is a funny, dual-camp kind of process.

We’re an association of members who, when we first establ...

By the GRC Professional

ACCC Media Release

 13 March 2017

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has instituted proceedings in the Federal Court against Aveling Homes Pty Ltd (Aveling), a Perth-based home building company, for alleged misleading conduct and false or misleading representations.

The alleged conduct is in relation to...

By the GRC Professional