Anti-Money Laundering Networking Group

31-12-2022 11:00PM 31-12-2022 11:30PM
By teleconference or the GRC Institute Office [L1, 50 Clarence St, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 2000]
Member Discussion and Working Party Activities

Living Learning - we are keen to establish a networking group formed by AML/CTF/Sanctions, Anti Bribery or other financial crime practitioners who are members of GRCI. The aim of this group will be to meet and discuss the issues they care about with the aim of pooling thinking to solve business problems and provide continuing professional development opportunities.
The AML Networking Group will provide an opportunity to engage with other practitioners and hear what is happening in their companies in connection with the financial crime and wider AML environment. This will NOT be a training course or formal training session but will be an informal, interactive group for showcasing your thinking, driving collaboration, inviting feedback and possibly engaging key stakeholders. Remember that you will gain exposure for yourself and/or your business by offering relevant information that helps others in the group.
The group will be run on "Chatham House Rules" as a discussion group and provide a place where different entities of varying sizes and from a variety of industries can meet and discuss what their challenges are and how others may be coping with them. Our group will be open and as our group grows in size, you will need to be conscious that you should not sharing proprietary or confidential information.
These monthly facilitated round table sessions will be held at the GRCI office in Clarence Street in Sydney and via teleconference.
Note also: we will strive to ensure that the group will not be used to try to sell unsolicited advertising, promotional materials or other forms of solicitation to the group.
Initial thoughts on starter topics are:-
1.            How are you coping with the most recent AML changes?
2.            Correspondent banks and emerging themes
3.            Politically Exposed Persons
4.            Cross jurisdictional issues
5.            Ongoing Due Diligence - who, what when and where?
6.            Enhanced Due Diligence - what does it really mean
7.            Transaction monitoring
These all appear to be the most topical items but we are happy to take issues forward from group members and discuss as people want.
So let us know  if you are interested in joining in the GRCI AML Networking Group by expressing your interest below and looking forward to meeting you soon!

Please note that this event is listed as running on a particular date - this is to enable members to register at any time up until the last scheduled meeting time. The actual meeting dates and times are provided to discussion group members on a monthly basis (as these sometimes change). You will be given notice and an agenda for that month's meeting will be circulated prior.