GRC2018 Event Series - Masterclass and Keynote session Sydney + Awards Dinner

18-10-2018 8:30AM 18-10-2018 5:00PM
Sheraton on the Park, 161 Elizabeth St, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 2000

Conduct, compliance and consequences: how compliance professionals will take us into the future

Why compliance professionals and why now?
The events of 2018 have and will impact organisation with earthquake like effects, with potentially crippling regulatory interventions and approaches as a consequence of the conduct so visibly showcased over the past months’ testimony.

Regulation is only one of the tools possible to combat this behaviour and it is questionable whether alternate approaches by regulators will have more impact or will simply impede potentially better, more innovative solutions.

Are organisations being asked the right questions? What is the end objective for organisations? Narrowing the focus to profit only has seen other undervalued risks emerge. Are compliance professionals the only players in the field with the skill set to bring organisations forward to the future? And what changes will they need to insist on to empower their boards as well as front line staff, to make better choices, consistent with bigger aims?
Join us for this intense one day conference plus pre-conference workshop and Awards dinner and discuss these big issues, capitalise on your investment and time and come away with concrete steps forward to take your organisation with you. Design your own future, create your own strategy and meet and exceed expectations.


$1,400 Non Members
$990 Members

Includes Awards dinner (Oct 18 7:00 - 11:00 PM) and pre conference half day workshop (Oct 17th 1:00 - 5:00 PM): 

‘What to tell your Board – the coming regulatory landscape and reevaluating strategic execution’
Taking the key reports and rulings of 2017/2018 from the APRA CBA report, AUSTRAC v CBA and the Royal Commission testimony and interim reporting and other valuable extracts, participate in this valuable workshop to develop your analysis paper for your Board presentation. The workshop will be led by experienced industry professionals and will look at the key findings, combined with regulator feedback to industry to best guess what the regulatory landscape may look like in the coming 12 – 36 months. The key takeaway from this session will be a shared resource powerpoint distilling the most relevant points and readying you to assist your organisations with reviewing their strategic goals in light of market behavioural expectations and the new standards.
This workshop is complimentary for GRC2018 attendees.


Keynote: Professor David Kinley: Human rights and financial services – why they need each other and why it matters.

How will we respond to the challenges of 2018:

Regulatory panel: 'Outside - in: Ways forward to solve our big behaviour and compliance problems'

ASIC - Mark Adams, Senior Executive Leader - Strategic Intelligence

APRA - Sean Carmody, Executive General Manager, Risk and Data Analytics
ACCC - Delia Rickard, Deputy Chair
AUSTRAC - Dr Nathan Newman - National Manager, Compliance
AFCA - Philip Field, Lead Ombudsman, Banking & Finance
ATO - Jeremy Hirschhorn, Deputy Commissioner, Public Groups 

Industry panel: 'Inside - out: Can we solve these big problems from within and what will need to change to achieve this'

Steve Fergusson - GRCI Director
Carolyn Hanson - GRCI President 
Willem Punt - Deloitte 

Heather Loewenthal - Independent Governance, Risk and Compliance Adviser
Anne Heilman-Inglis

Gokul Srinivasan - Associate Director, Control Risks: Integrating cyber risks into enterprise business decision making for proactive risk management.

Vanessa Hall - Deloitte: Rebuilding Trust in our leaders, boards, organisations and industries. How will we be able to achieve this or is it now an impossible goal? 

Phil Preston - The Collaboration Guy: Commercially Smart & Socially Good: The New Frontier for Business Strategy and Cultural Change

Heather Loewenthal - Independent Governance, Risk and Compliance Adviser: Strategy and Compliance: learnings from the RC for compliance officers

Keynote: Nick Abrahams: Making smart technologies choices for your business strategy – work toward the big picture without being distracted by gimmicks and why compliance is integral to these conversations.