Choose your challenge: Reframing compliance in your organisation

21-11-2018 5:30PM 21-11-2018 7:30PM
GRCI, WorkClub, Level 6, 201 Kent Street, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 2000
$250.00 (including GST)
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It is clear from the events of 2017 and 2018 that there still can be issues in organisations understanding the value proposition of compliance and the sophistication required from the compliance function to enable employees within organisations to be compliant.

This can indeed be a perennial challenge! However, could this pervading organisational culture be reflective of something you do have control over?

This workshop, lead by Debbie Nicol of '
business en motion', will take a specific look at how risk and compliance professionals can communicate the key messages about how they enable business and strategic objectives and create a shared vision for the culture and future of the business.

This session is complimentary to members and we would encourage all members to attend and engage with an alternate method to increase your impact. Come prepared to participate, contribute and learn in this workshop format!

A bit more about Debbie:

Debbie Nicol, an Australian professional executive, has approached the corporate world with curiosity, living and learning every step of the way.

After a ‘first’ career, as a teacher in the NSW and QLD Education System, she ventured into the world of business, through the Learning and Development function within the world of hospitality.  With this came opportunity on property, regional and national levels before expanding onto the international circuit. This saw Debbie experiencing life internationally for a period of 25 years, living in and between Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Brussels and London, with additional shorter-term projects in Egypt and Bangladesh, resulting in a worldwide HR leadership role.

The more recent years have seen Debbie expand her business consultancy and learning organization, ‘
business en motionacross multiple regions of the world, serving Australia, the Arab states and China. With the two latter being of a high-context culture (as opposed to the low-context culture of Australia), she has equipped her leadership with tools that many in Australia have not seen the need to explore yet coincidentally are vital and especially relevant to the roles many see as peripheral to the core of organisations.

‘business en motion’ provides consultancy, learning and coaching services across a myriad of sectors and industries, from government to financial services, retail, shipping, logistics and healthcare to name but a few. She is now one of only 30 worldwide Master Facilitators of a leadership process that brings profound change to those who engage with it (The Leadership Challenge).

An author, facilitator, change practitioner, coach and
public speaker, Debbie is an avid adventurer with a free spirit, with her most recent personal challenge being to the Arctic region.