Webinar: Growing concerns and what lies ahead for the profession

08-12-2020 1:00PM 08-12-2020 2:00PM
by webinar, New South Wales, Australia

Covid 19, international deep recession, climate change, digitisation and fintech - these are some of the things that Australia and the world are grappling with. These challenges create both opportunities and risks for the profession because the broader socio-economic and regulatory landscape is plagued with uncertainties. However, there are some trends that are clear. They are sustainability and climate change, legal reforms to facilitate economic recovery, digitisation of businesses and work, and growth in cybercrimes and cyber regulations. This Webinar will look into some of these issues and open up the discussion of where the compliance profession is heading.


Dr. Angus Young has held academic appointments at a number of universities in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Mainland China. Currently he is Senior Lecturer at the Department of Accountancy and Law, Programme Director, MSc in Applied Accounting & Finance, Hong Kong Baptist University, Distinguished Research Fellow at the German-Sino Institute of Legal Studies, Nanjing University, and Adjunct Fellow at the School of Law, Western Sydney University.


His contributions to the field of compliance had been recognized with three awards by the GRCI in 2014 including the Honorary Fellow Award, a joint recipient for the Brian Sharpe Memorial Essay Award, and an Honorary Mention for Honorary Fellow Award in 2009. He is a profile writer with over 130 publications on a range of business laws and related subject matters focusing on governance and compliance.


Angus is also a member of the GRCI with accreditations as a Certified Compliance Professional as well as a Certified Risk Professional. Furthermore, he has been appointed Hong Kong Representative of GRCI since 2016. Other professional memberships include Fellow of Chartered Management Institute (UK), Fellow of CPA Australia, Fellow of Financial Services Institute of Australasia, and Member of the Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute.