AML & Financial Crimes Congress 2022

07-06-2022 8:30AM 07-06-2022 5:00PM
Online, New South Wales, Australia

Recent focus on the current state of AML legislation in Australia has certainly highlighted the complex challenges and flow on effects that money laundering has on the broader economy. Previously relegated to something that might only affect criminals and interested parties attempting to clean their funds for use, Australia is coming to realise how the flow of these funds can undermine legitimate financial activities.

Which emphasises the need to ensure that we grow our talent pool of qualified and experienced AML and financial crimes professionals and to ensure that their skills are up to date with the latest issues. The 2022 AML and Financial Crimes Congress is designed to address these emerging challenges and focus. This event will remain online for the greater part, to enable greater numbers to attend at a reasonable pricing. The overall structure will follow the key components of Parts A and B of the AUSTRAC compliance program requirements and will look at the technical challenges being experienced by members with executing these, and explore potential solutions.

Two streams will be offered – one for those with less experience in AML and one for those with more. We are also hoping to have an AUSTRAC representative provide the opening keynote for the full audience and to then close out the day with a shared panel plenary session. An additional face to face masterclass is being planned as well for the afternoon prior, at various locations around the country, connecting remotely with each state venue to workshop the risks and management of the fluctuating expectations around sanctions requirements.


We hope you can join us there! Remember to set aside the 7th June 2022 for a full day of professional development.

Thank you again to our sponsors for this event: