Using data to identify opportunities and risks in your compliance training

25-05-2022 12:00PM 25-05-2022 1:00PM
Online, New South Wales, Australia


Gaps in your organisation’s compliance training program can be a significant hidden risk in your business. 80% pass marks and blanket annual refreshers can mask systemic risk and leave your organisation exposed.  
Closing these gaps is essential to help minimise the possibility of costly investigations, fines, and reputational damage. Understanding your training data will help your compliance team focus on areas of highest risk and accelerate remediation. 

What you will learn
In this webinar, we’ll explore how you can use your training data to take your compliance training program to the next level by taking the guesswork out of managing risk-related training gaps and prioritising high risk areas. 
Attendees will learn how to: 
  • Use data to determine compliance gaps within your organisation.
  • Assess the key systemic risks in your compliance training program
  • Triage response and remediate around those areas of focus.
  • Develop a data informed Training Needs Analysis matrix to reduce risk, improve user experience and truly educate your staff. 

Joe Bennett will work through a case study designed to show you the power of training data accessed via the Salt Learning platform. 
Lyndon Lovell will take you through the process of developing a Training Needs Analysis and provide attendees with a templated approach to building a compliance training curriculum.