Effective Compliance Training

Let’s face it! Compliance and risk training can be extremely dry at times. Here are a few ways you can make it interesting for employees so they can get the full benefits of the training objectives.

  • Gamify, competitions and awards: Engage with staff through making it more interactive rather than just listening to videos. Adding some fun elements to the training will help your colleagues get through it without falling asleep, and help them remember and work in accordance with the things learned.
  • Use Humor: One of the effective ways to make it fun is to add a touch of humour by adding character banter, witty comments or real world YouTube videos or picture examples that features humorous elements.

Benefits of education and training

  • Reduction in errors
  • Reduction in operational costs
  • Increase in productivity
  • Increase in customer satisfaction
  • Reduce staff turnover
  • Assist in building relationships with regulators
  • Adapt more quickly to regulatory change
  • Enhances reputation of the organisation
  • Increase in customer satisfaction

5 reasons why your employer should sponsor you to complete GRC courses

  • Reduce risk: Legal, criminal and reputational risks have all huge impacts on any organisation. GRC qualifications are around mitigating and how to manage compliance and risk issues if it does occur. Unless your organisation has a proper risk management strategy in place, it will be difficult to respond quickly and appropriately.
  • Return on investment: What you learn during the courses can prevent your organisation from heavy fines and legal costs in the future. Be proactive, rather than reactive.
  • Competitive advantage: If you understand the risks and compliance your company operates in you can make informed decisions about how your organisation should respond. It can help your organisation’s reputation and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Quality output: GRC qualifications helps empower you to perform better by taking a practical approach to real life issues that you encounter day after day in your role. The course will also teach you best practices and knowledge from likeminded professionals.
  • Commitment to professionalism: Through their commitment to invest in you it demonstrates their commitment to the ongoing development and professionalism of their staff. A motivated and empowered workforce aids in staff retention. It should also impress their audit teams and regulators if they have a qualified workforce.

Compliance and risk training solutions by the GRC Institute

The GRC Institute (GRCI) is the preeminent not-for-profit member association for compliance and risk professionals across Asia Pacific. As a registered training organisation (RTO), GRCI offers two nationally accredited courses which can be delivered in-house, as part of your organisational training framework. The courses can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation, within the parameters of the national qualification framework, ensuring optimal value for your business and employees.

About the accredited risk and compliance courses

10131NAT Certificate IV in Compliance and Risk Management: This accredited risk and compliance course enables members to develop core operational skills, offering a seven module program that includes: issues and breach management, compliance project creation and management, the culture of compliance ethics, and obligations and legislation.

10184NAT Graduate Certificate in Compliance and Risk Management: This accredited risk and compliance course ensures strategic implementation and process analyses, with its four-module programme promoting: system management, strategy and leadership, organisational risk management, and problem-solving.

The value of accredited compliance courses

By undertaking an accredited risk and compliance course, individuals better understand both their legal and in-house obligations, learning how to craft strong frameworks. They recognise the issues that matter most and generate processes to support those issues. Through an accredited compliance course, companies can quickly master the operational process - achieving sustainable, valuable solutions and strategies.

To request further information on our accredited risk and compliance courses - contact the GRC Institute today on +61 (02) 9290 1788.