Understanding the value of compliance management

As companies of all sizes and industries continue to face more government regulations and ethical stipulations, the role of the compliance manager is becoming increasingly important. If your business is growing and entering the public eye, then compliance management may well become a vital part of your risk management processes.

What is the value of compliance management professionals?

To answer that question, we need to take a look at what it is that compliance managers do for their organisations. The specific job responsibilities of a compliance manager may differ depending on your company's size and industry. However, in the simplest of terms, someone managing compliance for your business will be responsible for monitoring the company's overall adherence to rules, regulations and standards. Sometimes, these regulations or standards take the form of state or federal laws. Other times, they are ethical boundaries laid forth in the company code. Either way, the person in the compliance role works with different departments in the business to ensure they are all up to date on the latest rules and upholding said rules in their day-to- day operations.

A compliance manager with a deep understanding of the business will be better equipped to balance the company's legal and ethical compliance responsibilities with strategic risks and future goals. In addition, compliance managers scan and mitigate risk of compliancy violations or disobedience while also helping your business achieve long-term strategic goals.

Compliance manager qualifications

As a registered training organisation (RTO), the GRC Institute offers two nationally accredited qualifications which provide pathways to a career in compliance management. The first, the 10131NAT Certificate IV in Compliance and Risk Management, is designed to provide GRC professionals the skills and knowledge to competently develop, implement and manage a compliance program across any industry or sector. The second, 10184NAT Graduate Certificate in Compliance and Risk Management, is a more advanced training opportunity; for those looking to progress to the most senior level.

If you have interest in either course or would like to enrol, please click here and fill out our contact form to get in touch.