2017: Call for nomination for election as a GRCI Director


It's not long to go until our AGM and the GRC2017 conference in Melbourne and it's time for our GRCI members to consider nominating for election to our board.

Nomination material in PDF form can be downloaded here and we recommend that you read it closely to understand the frequency of meetings, overall time commitment and the structure of the board.

We have two vacancies open this year and we would encourage members who feel that have the time, energy and vision to contrinbute to the organisation and their fellow members, to become involved at board level.

We are looking forward to an exciting year with lots of energy going toward membership growth and consolidating our focus on compliance - both technical and thought leadership as well as the risk and governance components necessary for our members to undertake their responsibilities.

Please email our Managing Director here if you have any questions or phone us directly on +61 2 9290 1788 to talk through anything else you feel you need to know prior to nominating. You can also email Kelsey Clark here to obtain a word copy of the nomination forms.

Members who nominate and their nominators MUST be current financial members, so if you haven't yet renewed, now is the time to do so! Let's work together for an exciting and valuable 2017 - 2018 year!