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2018 Election of Directors


The GRC Institute has a long and proud history as the premier body representing compliance and risk professionals in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore. During this time, we have grown significantly and established additional facets to our business to build and support the profession and each member’s professional growth. 
The GRC Institute Board is made up of the Managing Director and nine members, elected from a diverse variety of backgrounds, who represent their fellow GRCI members.
These directors:

  • Provide governance for GRCI
  • Articulate the strategic direction for GRCI
  • Provide guidance, oversight and support to the MD and GRCI team
  • Promote and champion GRCI within their networks and organisations
  • Represent GRCI in the wider professional community at GRCI events and, occasionally, in external meetings or speaking on behalf of GRCI.
Each year, as per the Constitution, the Board clears a minimum of two (2) vacancies for an election of Directors from our current financial members. This year, there will be THREE (3) vacancies available to fill, due to an early resignation by a GRCI Director part-way through their term and two directors reaching the end of a full term.
Financial members of GRCI are eligible to vote in this election once and can vote for up to three candidates. We are using the first-past-the-post method.

In no particular order, our candidates for 2018 are listed below. GRCI would like to thank these members for taking the time to nominate to undertake such an important role in our organisation.

David Golding
Cheyenne Walker
Kevin Masling
Heather Loewenthal
Elizabeth Moylan
Elizabeth Jacka
Christina Wang
Brenton Sullivan
Craig Greenwood
You can find detailed information about each of the candidates here.
To vote in the election you will have received a link to the online voting process via email. If you haven't received this link, please contact the GRCI office for clarification or to have it resent. We can be contacted on +61 2 9290 1788 or via email:
The election closes on the 16th of October and the successful candidates will be endorsed by the attendees at the GRCI AGM on the 17th of October in Sydney.