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Interview with a GRCI Trainer: Michelle Gibbings

Thursday 2 March 2017

Who is Michelle Gibbings?

Michelle Gibbings is founder and managing director of Change Meridian and the GRC Instiute Trainer for the Graduate Certificate in Compliance and Risk Management.

As a recognised expert in organisational complexity, and Author of ‘Step Up – How to Build your Influence at Work’, Michelle’s work lives at the crux of understanding, architecting and leveraging change.


Obsessed with unlocking high-impact choices to accelerate meaningful progress, Michelle is enabling a new breed of leader - one that is fit for the future of work.


Through her passion and advocacy for a new approach, Michelle has built a distinguished reputation across the Asia-Pacific region as the keynote speaker, advisor and executive mentor of choice for many leading edge corporates and global organisations.






How did you get into risk and compliance? 
I have a broad background and spent a number of years in financial services before I found myself working in risk and compliance.  It was an area of the business I found really interesting. 
The work I do now (through my consulting practice) is focused on helping risk and compliance professionals build their leadership capability to secure better organisational outcomes.

What courses do you teach at the GRC Institute?
Graduate Certificate in Compliance and Risk Management.
Change Management masterclass.

Why is training in risk and compliance important both from an organisational perspective and from an individual perspective?
Learning and development needs to focus on both technical and leadership aspects.  The technical aspect helps to ensure the professional is abreast of the latest thinking and requirements for their profession.  While the leadership aspect focuses on the skills the professional needs to influence, communicate effectively, negotiate outcomes, build strong relationships with stakeholders, and construct a dynamic team.
The two need to work hand in hand.  When they are missing the professional is less effective, which impacts their ability to work with the business areas to secure good organisational outcomes.  This in time impacts their career success.

Why is it important to have continuous professional development as part of your compliance framework?
We are living in a world of constant change driven, for example, by changes in technology, regulations, societal expectations and consumer demand.   These changes impact the nature of the compliance and risk professional’s work and how they work.
To have sustained impact the professional needs to stay ahead of the game, and continuing to develop is key to that success.

What important lessons did you learn along your own career development path?
You get out of your career what you are prepared to put into it.  Be prepared to constantly learn, challenge yourself and take yourself outside your comfort zone.   When you do that you are less worried about the inevitable change that occurs around you, and are able to position yourself to take advantage of the opportunities that arise.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of you career?
I’ve always loved being challenged and learning new things.  Throughout my career I was able to feed that interest by moving into different roles and leading different teams.  Opening my business was a natural extension of that interest and a desire to help people navigate a world that is constantly changing.

Is there any advice that you would give to risk and compliance professionals?
It’s important to broaden early and to have lots of different experiences.   Don’t wait for the experiences to come to you.  Seek them out.  This helps to deepen the value you offer and also to extend your network. Both of which are vital for a successful career.


Michelle Gibbings, Managing Director at Change Meridian