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Networking Tips for the GRC2017 Conference

Thursday 27 July 2017

“Personal relationships are always the key to good business. You can buy networking; you can't buy friendships”—Lindsay Fox
Beyond the keynote speeches, the plenary sessions and the workshops one of the best parts about attending conferences, besides the food and drinks, is the networking.

An opportunity to catch up with old colleagues, friends and other like-minded professionals. It is an opportunity, to learn, advance your career and learn about opportunities that you may not have known about before.

Here are some quick and practical tips that you can use at the upcoming
GRC2017 Conference in October.

Starting the conversation
If you don’t really know anyone else standing in the room, read the room look for the other person lurking in the corner of the room with a cup of coffee.  

Don’t be pushy
You don’t want to scare people away by being too intense 

Network in every direction
Be open to networking with people above your level, on your level or below your level. You never know when and where a new possibility might present itself.

Be Interested
Forget the elevator pitch and actually take an interest in the person that you are talking to. Try to connect with them on a personal level rather than just on a professional level. You might find that you have the same interests.

Have a Great Story
One of the best ways to leave a great impression is to have a great story to tell. Make sure your story or joke has a clear takeaway.

Swapping Business Cards at the end
Wait until the conversation is coming to end before you swap business cards. It is good to form that good impression before you share the cards.

Exiting the Conversation
Don’t end the conversation abruptly and seem like you are trying to run away (even if you are trying to run away).  

Follow up
All the hard work that you put into networking at the conference won’t count for much if you don’t follow up with the people that you connected with at the conference.