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Ageism is a challenge for big four accounting firms

Wednesday 9 May 2018
Financial Review 

The Australian Financial Review has reported widespread ageism in the ‘big four’ partner firms, with some older employees being subjected to unlawful forced retirements; however, nothing has been done because partners are ‘too scared’ to complain.

Former Age Discrimination Commissioner Susan Ryan said partners want to be picked by smaller firms and thus must leave their current firms in good favour.

In 2016, the Commissioner’s Willing To Work report showed older employees feared making discrimination complaints due to the fear of disrupting their working relationships. The law, therefore, Ryan believes, is not achieving enough.

“You can see why they weren’t rushing off to test the Age Discrimination Act.”

The AFR reported:

Despite legal experts saying forced retirement clauses for partners are unlawful, EY this week resolved to maintain them as specific retirement ages were "fundamental" to its succession planning.