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What's Keeping You up at Night?

Thursday 24 March 2022

Last week’s LinkedIn poll is still open, but we thought we’d post the results as the exist so far. 
Thank You to everyone who took the time to participate!
Las week we asked, “Before the current international conflict was Sanctions a high priority for your business?’. 
The majority of respondents said no. 

One respondent, Brad B., explained the answer:

I would say No for the majority given Sanctions is often a bit-part add-on to IDV at onboarding or some stage at IDV refresh. Unless of course the entity operates in multiple jurisdictions, processes cross-border transactions directly, has customers from across the globe or handle certain currency making it subject to assertive regulators. DD on providers is tedious to ensure they have the appropriate coverage, discriminating and match capability and reference data.

And then posed a question of his own:

Another question to pose is how many entities have a dedicated and current Sanctions program / policy / procedures / resource vs those that will have commencement Feb / Mar ‘22??
Listen to the last podcast that we did on Sanctions.